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“You’re lucky I’m on my period, I would’ve…” – Phyna talks dirty to Groovy after lights out in HoH lounge [Video]

BBNaija season 7 lovebirds Phyna and Groovy had some mature conversations last night while sharing the Head of House lounge.


There was joy on Monday, September 12th, when Phyna was voted Head of House. The Edo-born housemate went on to become the first person in the previous Level 2 house to be named Head of Home.

Phyna chose Groovy, her love interest, as her deputy, allowing them to spend the week together in the HoH lounge.

Phyna, on the other hand, approached Groovy last night after lights out and told him that he is glad she is on her period because she would have raped him otherwise.

Check out their talk below:

Groovy: “This HOH room go burn 🔥”
Phyna: “You are lucky I’m on my period, I would’ve raped you.”
Groovy: “Cool story bro”