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The official music video for Young Jonn’s most recent anthem, “Xtra Cool,” is presented by Chocolate City Music.
As the name suggests, “Xtra Cool” is a catchy, approachable tune that fuses Afrobeat with Afro-Pop.

Look at the simple illustration of the song. The song “Xtra Cool” is currently ranked #2 on Apple Music Nigeria’s Top 100.

The vocalist combines soul tune dynamic tempo and passion with the electronic dance music’s percussive and electronic vibrations to produce a sound that has been referred to as a nice change.

You wouldn’t want to ignore this, either, as it’s a fantastic blockbuster single.

Quotable Lyrics:

Uloma, I dey on my ten toe
I don tell you tire, make we dey like Xtra Cool
Oh, can we go back to the time
When this loving sheshe beere? (when this loving sheshe beere?)

You know I love you but I’m always on the road
Girl, na you put me in the mood (girl, na you put me in the mood)
And, I know you want am too
And, I carry shoulder down for you
Jowo, ma fimi pa
I don make my spanner loose
(Omo, I don make my spanner loose)
I don carry shoulder down for you
Jowo, ma fimi pa
Sun owo ma ta, m’owo wa’le

Watch below: