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“You must live with him for 10 years,” says OPM of any women who wishes to marry actor Kenneth Aguba

The Omega Power Ministry (OPM) has set criteria for any woman who wants to marry veteran Nollywood actor Kenneth Aguba.

The Nollywood celebrity was given an apartment by the General Overseer of OPM, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, yesterday, July 5, after photographs of him in shabby surroundings circulated online and multiple stories stated he was homeless.

On Tuesday, the cleric, Apostle Chibuzor, who had previously agreed to provide Aguba with free-feeding and lodging in one of the OPM estates in Port Harcourt, handed over the keys to the house.

During the presentation, the man of God vowed to marry Aguba, pay the bride price, and cover the wedding expenses.

“I’ll pay the bride’s price.” I would sponsor everything and invite everyone in Nollywood to your wedding.” He stated.

In a post on its official Facebook page, OPM gave further facts about the marriage and underlined the norms and regulations that would govern Aguba’s marriage to any lady who expresses interest.

Read the following marriage conditions:

“1. You must live with him for ten years after your marriage without separating or divorcing. That is, you must both live together for ten years. After ten years, you have the option of remaining married or divorcing.

“2. You must maintain a joint account for the business that OPM will open for both of you.” That is, for any bank withdrawals, both of you must go to the bank.

“3. You must never deny him the ability to exercise his conjugal rights after the wedding.”

“4. A church team would visit your home once a month to ensure that everything is in order and pleasant. Send your phone number to any lady who agrees to these terms so we may begin the process.

This follows a 24-year-old lady declaring in a now-deleted Facebook post that she is willing and ready to marry the veteran Nollywood star.