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“You are nothing without your ex-husband,” actresses Iyabo Ojo and Caroline Hutchings argue on Twitter

Caroline Hutchings and Iyabo Oyo, Nollywood actresses, recently disagreed on Twitter after the reunion segment of their reality show, The Real Housewives of Lagos, aired.

It all started when Caroline came to the platform to disparage one of the reality show’s cast members, but she didn’t say who she was referring to.

She has stated on Twitter,

“When you’re desperate for a mean girls clique, you’ll cook up anything (old crocodile)… if I have anything mean to say to you, trust me, it’ll come directly from my mouth… zero Fffs given from here as a one-man squad #theRoyals?#RHOLagos”

Carolyn’s remark made Iyabo Ojo feel assaulted, and she chastised her for age-shaming her colleagues while she herself is elderly.

Carolyn, according to the mother of two, is also being bankrolled by her ex-husband, Musa Danjuma, which explains why she doesn’t respect women who work hard for their money.

She wrote on Twitter,

“My beloved, unlike you, I live my reality; without ur ex, you’re nothing, you have nothing in your name, not even the flat you reside in, nothing!! You live off your ex, no work, everything fake and lies, which is why you will always worship him regardless of how many times he shits on you. Fake babe

Why didn’t you tell me that at the reunion? You don’t work, my dear, it’s easy for you to insult women who work so hard for their accomplishments, you don’t pay school fees or housing rent, you don’t have an office or a shop, much alone pay employees, you’re a spoiled brat.”

Please see the exchange below.