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“Women helping women in the poto poto” – Moet Abebe criticizes ‘insecure’ businesswomen

Moet Abebe, a Nigerian media celebrity, has blasted out businesswomen who are insecure because of their peers.

Moet noted on her Instagram story that some ladies who claim to have great businesses go out of their way to block small business owners on social media.

She also stated that some women feel intimidated when their colleagues sell the same products or services that they do.

Moet Abebe calls

That, according to her, is the pinnacle of insecurity, and she despises it when women claim to support each other but don’t in fact.

Moet penned,

“No way!!!! Insecurity!!!! Nah!!!!!
Especially when you claim to have a large/thriving business but are upset by smaller firms or business owners… so much so that you block them despite the fact that they aren’t following… Just so disturbed that they, too, have a shop and offer the same services as you?
Women, women, women!!! You so-called wicked girls should do better.. women supporting women in the poto poto.. my gender dey falls my head STEADY.”

Moet Abebe recently claimed that her female coworkers battle for the same man.

Moet revealed this in an Instagram post explaining why she doesn’t get out with her coworkers.

She stays in her zone, she says, since the profession has taught her not to be fooled by artificial smiles and pleasantries.