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‘Why is it a sin, Peter?’ Fault of the Critics James Brown’s ‘Unusual’ Air Kiss With Peter Okoye

Mr. P, a Nigerian artist, has criticized his manners while exchanging pleasantries with James Brown, a fast-rising crossdresser.

The musician was seen exchanging pleasantries with James Brown at the 40th birthday party of Nollywood actress Ini Edo, generating a stir among fans online.

In a video that has gone viral, Peter Okoye and James Brown are seen exchanging an air kiss while exchanging pleasantries.

A fan named Sandra Benneth reacted to the video by asking why the singer greeted the crossdresser in such a strange way.

“Why to peter dey greet am like say he greet woman described as criticized the singer for greeting the cross dresser as if he were a woman,” she wrote.

“But this is incorrect, however….,” remarked another fan, emarh jerry.

Although it is a specified sin in the Bible, it is now accepted as the standard. This is heinous.”

“Why men dey hug each other like that?” wrote vitamin dharmie. “What the hell?”

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