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Nigerian singer and dancer based in the US, Korra Obidi has explained why she and her ex-husband Justin Dean were prohibited from publishing photos of their daughters June and Athena online.

Earlier, WITHIN NIGERIA revealed that the ex-couple had been ordered by a US court document dated January 19th 2022 not to post any videos, images, livestreams, or other information featuring their children on social media until further notice.

A follower asked Korra during a recent Facebook live session if her most recent child, Athena, had begun to walk.

In reaction, Korra Obidi stated that she would never disclose information about her kids online again due to the fact that some online users have complained to child protective services all around the world after seeing her posts about them.

Korra stated:

Is Athena walking yet? You will never know, you will never know if she’s walking, you will never see her again because some of you were foolish enough to be calling from the UK calling child services 50 times.

“Now they have blocked you, you can’t see them anymore how does it feel to be a fool? You can’t see them anymore, they are gone. Out of the media eyes period.”