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Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, has claimed that he has yet to speak to his players following their Champions League elimination by Real Madrid on Wednesday.

Guardiola claimed that there were no words he could offer to the players to soothe them following the setback in Spain.

City were two goals ahead going into the 90th minute of the second leg of their semi-final but surrendered twice in two minutes to see their advantage wiped out.

The LaLiga champions advanced to the final against Liverpool thanks to a Karim Benzema penalty in extra time.

The Premier League champions must regroup for their match against Newcastle this weekend.

There are four games left in the season, and the club cannot afford any mistakes if they are to beat Liverpool.

Guardiola has now stated that he has not spoken to his players since the Real Madrid game, but that when they train on Saturday, he will remind them of how brilliant they have been all season.


“We didn’t say anything. No words can express how we all feel. It’s simply a matter of time, so get some rest and think about the next aim,” he remarked.

“Tomorrow will be the first day we are all together, and we will discuss who we are as a team and what we accomplished in the semi-final.” How good we’ve been not just in these two games, but throughout the season and in the last several weeks.

“It’s probably one of the moments since I’ve been a manager that I’ve been most happy to be a part of this club and organization, because, until the final day we’re here, we give everything together,” he says.

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