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“Why are you trying to justify Chichi’s character in disguise” — Deji slammed as he preaches against judging housemates

An evicted BBNaija competitor, Deji Morafa, tells viewers not to condemn housemates because their actions are motivated by their situations.


This follows the heartbreaking experiences shared by the roommates at work on Saturday, particularly by Bryann, Chichi, and Rachel.

On the microblogging site Twitter, Deji encouraged viewers to be patient with their roommates.

“Let’s not pass judgment on these BBNaija housemates.” They’ve all been through a lot as children and had to fight their way through life to get to where they are now. Nobody is perfect, thus their personality is a reflection of their struggles. With love, always. “#bbnaija,” he wrote on Twitter.

Many people dubbed Deji a hypocrite for doing the same way when she was at home.