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Guchi – Scatter My Head ft. Zlatan (Video)
Guchi – Scatter My Head ft. Zlatan (Video)

A member of PG Production, Guchi has published a video for her hit album “Scatter My Head.”

Zlatan, a Nigerian music phenomenon, wrote a tempting verse for the tune “Scatter My Head.” It follows the triumph of ‘Benzema’ and ‘Jennifer,’ her two most recent hits.

Guchi, who spent the entire year bouncing from one top music poll to the next, is kicking off 2021 with a dance tune called Scatter My Head, produced by PG Records Entertainment.

The song arrives just in time for the upcoming holiday season, and it embodies all of the best aspects of quality Afropop.


The song is a first for Guchi, as it is the first time he has collaborated with a Nigerian musician.

Ultimately, Innovative Pictures created the video.

Watch video below: