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Diamond Platnumz – Zuwena (Video)
Diamond Platnumz – Zuwena (Video)

Lizer Classic has finished the official music video for Diamond Platnumz’s song “Zuwena,” which is now accessible.

Death, sadness, and other forms of loss are inescapable components of life. The shock and anguish of a sudden loss may be difficult for loved ones to handle, and each person may react differently.

This Swahili emotive elegy with the working title Zuwena tells the story of a widow whose life takes a depressing turn following her husband’s passing.

The woman’s brother-in-law, Diamond Platnumz, is in an emotional telepathic chat with his late brother about the problems the new woman, Zuwena, has caused them, including spending all the money, ignoring her mother-in-law, becoming a hussy, and living a luxury lifestyle.

We present Zuwena, a wonderful illustration of the song performance and delivery that has preserved Diamond as Platnumz for more than ten years.

Ivan Directo shot the movie.

Watch the official video beneath: