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Umu Obiligbo – Music and I (EP)
Umu Obiligbo – Music and I (EP)

Ifeanyi Okpuozor and Chukwuemeka Akunwafor Obiligbo, commonly known as Umu Obiligbo, are a Nigerian highlife duo who have released a new EP named “Music and I.”

Rudeboy and Magnito, a Northside rapper, make appearances on the incredible new project.

“Music and I” has six lovely pieces and follows their previous album, an extended playlist titled “Signature (Ife Chukwu Kwulu).”


  1. Umu Obiligbo – Nwa Eze

  2. Umu Obiligbo – Real Life

  3. Umu Obiligbo – Ngozi (Blessings)

  4. Umu Obiligbo – Work and Chop (feat. Magnito)

  5. Umu Obiligbo – Not for Everybody (feat. Rudeboy)

  6. Umu Obiligbo – Eje Ana