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A prominent TikToker known for generating prank videos on the app chose an unsuspecting military officer as the target of one of her jokes.

The young lady went to a market with an empty bucket on her head, convincing any of her victims that the bucket was full.

When the prankster noticed a soldier approaching her, he approached him and urged him to assist her in bringing it down.

He decided to help the young lady because he was a gentleman, only to discover that there was nothing substantial in the bucket. When the soldier realized it was a hoax, he tried to hit her, but she grinned and offered him a food bag.

She handed the food to the Army officer, who received it unwillingly and walked away casually.

As you scroll, keep an eye on the video.

Netizens had their say, with many believing that the matter would have been different if the army guy had been pranked by a male instead.

Read some of the responses.

If na man… e for gather tire…, wrote Solomon Tyme. Wetin’ man doin’ man

Boyo Jemine wrote, “You got mind…” I know people who are afraid of passing through police because of their clothes.

I admire the lady, wrote Dr. King.D. Bravery.

If to state na dude do this kind of thing eh, avatar display wrote.

I swear, the officer has fallen in love, witness the way he was looking at her, wrote Kaffie Hiwass.