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Truck drivers are blocking the Onitsha Bridge in protest of the alleged shooting of a tanker tyre by the Navy

The Niger Bridgehead in Onitsha has been blocked by drivers of various articulated vehicles, including lorries, tankers, and tippers.

SOLOLOADED has learned that the protest was sparked by alleged extortion by naval officers working on the Bridge, who demand N1,000 as a bribe.

The drivers decided to block the road on Saturday morning after a naval officer shot and punctured the tyres of a lorry because its driver refused to pay a bribe of N1,000.

As of 10 a.m. on Saturday, the entire stretch of the Onitsha-Enugu expressway was blocked for hours by lorries protesting the treatment of their colleagues.

“Men of the Nigerian Navy at the Uga junction, Onitsha, have an issue with our driver,” according to some union members who spoke to SOLOLOADED.

“When our fellow drivers saw the development, they parked their vehicles and demanded that the punctured tyre be replaced, which is why there is a protest here.”

At the time of writing, some concerned citizens and navy officers were attempting to negotiate with lorry drivers about the need to open the road to motorists.

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