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Tonto Dikeh says in a video from Chrisland that a female student knows about sex but was not raped

Tonto Dikeh, a Nollywood actress, has reacted to the distressing footage of a 10-year-old female Chrisland pupil allegedly being gang-raped and abused by some students.


The tape depicts the students performing a sexual act while under the influence, according to the mother of the female student.

Tonto believes it’s not the first time the young girl has had sex based on the footage.

The actress claims that the young girl has an older groomer someplace.

“Ok, so I just watched the Chrisland video all I can say is that is not rape, that 10-year-old girl knows sex, in my opinion, it’s not her first not fifth time,” Tonto wrote on her Instagram story.

“She probably has an older groomer.”

Tonto advised the family to press the minor for further information.

She further stated that Chrisland School is responsible for keeping the truth hidden from the parents.

“The family must ask the correct questions and provide more protection to the girl. She wrote, “Please stop circulating the video.”

“The school is GUILTY of concealing the truth about this heinous crime!” Our leaders must improve their performance. “I formed my judgment after watching a 52-second video.”

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