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Tiwa Savage reveals she was singing about Jesus Christ in her hit song ‘Somebody’s son’; fans react (video)

Stunning Tiwa Savage, a Nigerian vocalist, has revealed that her successful song ‘Somebody’s Son,’ which was released in October 2021, was about Jesus Christ.

She said this at a recent event while performing Water and Garri, one of the songs on her 2021 EP Album.

The 42-year-old Afrobeats superstar claims that the heartbreak song in which she features American singer Brandy was inspired by God’s son, Jesus Christ, rather than a love affair or relationship.

Tiwa Savage reveals

Tiwa Savage responded to the acclaim and praise from the audience by saying,

“When I wrote this song, many people advised me that it would be a flop since only ladies would sing along to it.”

“This isn’t going to be a hit, Tiwa, because men can’t sing Somebody’s Son,” they said.

But, as I told them, I wasn’t thinking about a relationship when I wrote this song; I was thinking about Jesus Christ, because he is the true somebody’s son.

“People would relate to the song because we all need somebody’s son, whether you’re a man or a woman,” I told them.