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Fame is a beautiful life adventure following how it reshapes the life status of its victim to the most enchanting status but sometimes the same fame destroy lives.

It’s so sad how some of the world artists who strived so hard to achieve fame couldn’t live to experience the beauty of it.

This has happened pretty much enormous in the world music field most especially, in the American music firm in the lives of some young dextrous rappers.

Enormous numbers of highly talented rappers have passed out striving to achieve this peak which has the best thrust in this article.

In this article, we would outline these rappers who couldn’t live to enjoy the fame they have just earned.

5 young American rappers that didn’t live to enjoy their fame

Juice Wrld

The American rapper who is known poorly as Jarad Anthony Higgins is characterized as one of the American young rappers who couldn’t live to enjoy their fame.

He was born in Chicago where he grew up and acquired his secondary school and higher tertiary education.

His fame erupted when his single lucid dream was played over one billion times On the music streaming platform Spotify and peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

His future was pretty much enchanting following how he topped many charts, had the best collaboration, and dropped the most thrilling album.

However, death didn’t allow him to enjoy his fame at 20. He died few days before his 21st birthday of an alleged excessive intake of hard drugs.

Pop Smoke

Bashar Barakah Jackson who is known famously by his stage name Pop Smoke also fell the victim of the stars who couldn’t live to enjoy their hard-earned fame.

Pop Smoke the American rapper and songwriter was viewed as one of the American rappers who would carry on with where the old rappers have dropped following his iconic rapping qualities.

He was known for his deep voice and roars in his songs which has best thrilled many. His songs boosted the whole music chart to an extent that he gained an enormous fan base.

However, he didn’t live to enjoy the fame he acquired. He was shot dead at his home in Hollywood hills.


Xxxtentacion who is known poorly as Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy was an American rapper born on 23rd January 1998 in Plantation, Florida, United States.

He was also recognised as an unfortunate rapper who couldn’t live to enjoy his fame at 21 despite striking the limelight as fast as he could.

XXXTentacion gained recognition with his single “Look at me” which topped many charts and earned a place in the hearts of many.

His future was bright but death struck him brutally at the brighter point after he was shot dead during a robbery in Deerfield Beach, Florida in June 2018.

Speculation gathered that he was not involved in any grudges with any rapper in the American music firm so the armed Robbers who were very desperate to rob him voluntary fired their guns at him which he never survived.

2 Pac Shakur 

2 Pac Shakur was an American rapper and songwriter who was known for his constant fight for black lives rights with his music back in the early century.

He is recognised as the most influential rapper of all time following the impact he played when he was alive.

2 Pac had the best rap albums, dropped iconic hits and collaboration but couldn’t live to enjoy his fame.

It was alleged that the government who he forth with his rapping qualities about the rights of the black lives hired assassins to take his life in a night when he was heading for Mike Tyson boxing match.

He was distracted by some ladies when he, his Driver and bodyguards were stocked under the command of the traffic light. While they pleaded with him to join him at the party, two masked men fired their guns at him brutally to an extent that the surgeon recorded enough bullets that pierced his heart, rib, thigh and shoulder.

He died in the hospital a few days after his bleeding from the heart remained incessant. Despite that, he was placed on a life-supporting machine, he couldn’t resist the call of nature.

Lil Marlo

The American rapper who is known poorly as Rudolph Johnson is also recognised as one of the unlucky prominent rappers who succumbed to the call of nature even in the light of their fame.

He was believed to have been shot dead while driving. His death erupted when concerned citizens spotted him lying helplessly in his car a few minutes he was involved in a motor accident thrust by a gunshot.

His body was transferred to The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office the following morning for inspection.

The police force is still under investigation thriving to find out the suspect behind the tragedy.

The young rapper was aged 30 before his death.

Tray Savage

On this day June 19th 2020, several sources reported that the American rapper, Tray Savage was shot dead in Chicago.

It was believed that he was shot dead while driving his girlfriend home in Chicago.

As he is famously known for his rapping qualities, Tray Savage was recognised as one of the future rappers who would boost the American music firm to a higher peak.

Death, however, couldn’t allow him to enjoy the peak he achieved faster than he could.

Fred the Godson

The New York-based rapper, songwriter and producer who emerged at the top during his early 19s also fell the victim of unfortunate adventure after he allegedly died from a deadly pandemic Corona Virus.

He couldn’t live to enjoy the fame hours he contracted the current deadly disease corona Virus which has also claimed enough souls.

He was announced dead on April 23, 2020 hours he couldn’t withstand the complication of the virus.

He was 35 years old before he succumbed to the call of nature.

Mac Miller

Mac Miller who is known poorly as Malcolm James McCormick was an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who couldn’t live to enjoy his fame.

He gained fame after he deployed enough qualities on his debut album ‘Blue Slide Park’ via his grind.

His name became known until a short time when he died from an overdose of hard drugs in his apartment.

He was paraded bitterly by fans describing the pain they felt when he was announced dead.