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Fantastic Timi Dakolo, a Nigerian artist, has shared how appreciative his daughter, Hallel, was after he got her a laptop charger.

The father of three rushed to Instagram to show a screenshot of the onslaught of messages from his daughter after he ordered the charger.

Timi Dakolo's daughter showers

Hallel expressed her gratitude to her father and expressed her affection for him during the talk. She also added that she is happy with how far he has come in his musical career.

The heartfelt remark was shared by the pleased father, who said,

“Bought a charger for @halleldakolo’s gaming laptop, see her hailing.” “Look at her washing.”

Please see the post below.

Timi Dakolo recently shared a beautiful note he received from his son, Alexander Dakolo.

According to the message, the singer had a doctor’s appointment and his kid was worried about him, so he sent a series of messages to check on him and express his love for him.

Alexander wished his father well and assured him that he would always be there for him.

The “Iyawo mi” singer shared the touching father-son conversation on Instagram. He shared screenshots of the exchange and stated that his family’s affection is precious.

“Things that make me feel wealthy.” @alexanderdakolo is the chairman. “My youth’s son.”