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“This person shattered numerous of her phones and assaulted her, and I have proof,” said Korra Obidi’s sister

Nancy Umeh, Korra Obidi’s sister, has called Justin Dean out after he mistakenly took and returned money from her estranged wife’s account.

Korra Obidi had previously decried her estranged husband, Justin Dean, on Facebook, accusing him of stealing money from her.

Justin Dean has responded, claiming that the transaction was a mistake and that he is not a thief.

Nancy Umeh, Korra Obidi’s sister, stated that Justin Dean assaulted and damaged her sister’s multiple phones in order to prevent her from making money online.

According to Nancy Umeh, Justin has mistreated her sister Korra multiple times, but she was the one who stopped her from reporting it.

She claimed she kept her sister from telling her sister about Justin’s bad behavior toward her because of her children.

Nancy Umeh also addressed the $5000 missing from her sister’s account, claiming Justin stole the money.

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