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“This is my confirmation, I don blow”- BBNaija’s Kess says after an encounter with Nigerian police

Following a confrontation with a Nigerian police officer, Kess Adjepkovu, an expelled BBNaija season 7 participant, has shown his success in life.

Kess declared his entry into greater heights after a quick interaction with a police officer who recognized him as a reality celebrity and decided not to verify his documentation.

Kess shared his experience, saying that he was stopped while driving by a police officer who requested for his license but changed his mind after recognizing him as Kess from BBNaija.

According to Kess, the officer questioned him if he was Kess from BBNaija, and when he confirmed his identity, the police let him go without checking his paperwork.

The incident, according to Kess, affirms his standing as a successful star.

‘OK, guys, I don blow…

This is confirmation for me, for Nigerian police to recognize me, and I will not forget that,’ he said emphatically.