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“They are the only musicians that have never had a terrible song produced.” -Reactions when Psquare launches their first single in 5 years [Video]

Psquare, a Nobel prize international singing combo, has launched their first song, which has fans ecstatic.

Psquare has been performing their old songs on stages all across the world since rejoining last year, 2021.

Psquare, comprised of twin brothers Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye, has taken the music business by storm and is poised to top the charts with their latest hit.

This would be their first song together since their reconciliation. They last worked together or went into the studio in 2017, when they released the videos for ‘Away’ and ‘Nobody Ugly.’

Rudeboy’s Paul Okoye revealed a sample from their song video, which delighted their followers and lovers.

“Now available!!” Enjoy and share with your loved ones by following the link in my bio.”

Fans shared their delight with the music duo’s debut banger in the comments section.

iam stanleyscofied: If you’ve been waiting for this since 2017, hit the like button. Psquare

itsprinceehis: Is Psquare your friend? I’ve missed you guys, mehnn.

They are unstoppable, mainboogy.

stitchesbysorm: Finally! How long had we waited for this? It’s a smash.

This is a banger, chemzyking.

iam gracebead: Thank you, Lord, that it is now available.

Psquare is in a league of their own, according to Pascalrapito. From “Senorita” in 2000 to “Bank Alert” in 2016, they are the only artists who have never released a terrible son. Their album is made of of hits. There is never a poor song. Weldon to another masterwork, we commot cap for uno.

They’ve returned, okoiyeeugene.