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Just like the other Footballers that came from the hood, Ngolo Kante has experienced penury during his starting point. The French man who has proven his worth and emerged at the top has created enough memory amongst fans in few years like no other player ever in the world of football.


There is no surprise via how he is loved in the world of football currently by his rivals for his performances on the football pitch has proven the quality in him.

Ngolo Kante has however left a remarkable journey to his professionalism and this has thrust this article. We would in details discuss the beautiful story of Ngolo Kante ranging from his struggling days in penury to his present glory.

His early life

Young Kante was born in Paris to Milan parents who migrated to France due to penury. Life was so tough to an extent that he lived with his parents in an awful apartment at Rueil-Malmaison, Hauts-de-Seine with his brother, Niama alongside his parents. Things even got worst when his father succumbed to the call of nature and passed away when Kante turned 11.

Growing up as a fatherless struggling kid, Kante had a strong ambition which was installed in football but he never hoped for such. His favorite footballers were Diego Maradona, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. His mother or neither, his elder brother could afford his education which led Kante to pick refuges at the streets of France for a living.

His football career 

His life went even tough until he was registered to JS Suresnes located in the western suburbs of the capital at the age of eight. According to his manager, Pierre Ville, Kante was rejected severally by the big clubs because of his short and shy status which he never cared to mould.

He was also rejected from the academy at Clairefontaine during this time of secrete dominance in 2010 which paved the way for his professionalism. He joined his first professional club named Boulogne where he made his professional debut in league 2 on 18 May 2012 in a 2-1 defeat replacing his frustrated rival in the final 11th minute.

The following season Kante dominated the league securing multiple tackles, consistently inform in every single match which attached him to prominence. He missed only one match that season. He even went further scoring his first goal for the club which gave them their win over Luzenac at the Stade de la Libération, on 10th August. He further added 2 more goals in the campaign which has best described his growth.

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He joined Ligue 2 side, Caen in 2013. He showed incredible display in all the 38 matches which earned them a place at the third position in the league table earning promotion to League 1. His popular incredible goal came against Laval where he equalised the game which further led to a 2-1 win over the big side. He also levelled a 3-2 game with his crucial equalising game at Istres.

Kante never changed via his dormancy. In the following season, he gave his best in all the 37 matches he played via his qualities.  his one absence was suspension through being sent off in a 0–1 home loss to Rennes on 30th August. Returning from his suspension, he scored the club best goal of the season in a comfortable 3-0 win at Evian. His fame infused following how he recovered the ball more than any other player in the league.

Kante was recognised by the Leicester City scout lord, Steve Walsh who also scouted Ryhed Mayrez, Jermy Vardy and other big names to the club. He joined the club on a 4-year contract on 3 August 2015 at the estimated value of €8 million (£5.6 million) Kante debuted in the premier in a match between Sunderland and Leicester City which ended in a 4-2 win. He replaced, Jamie Vardy who dominated the game in the final eight minutes. His debut goal came against Watford which ended in a 2-1 win.

He was praised enough for his lovely display during the whole season. Despite this, Kante was not concerned about the hype. So he never allowed it ruin his glory. He even infused his qualities more often and gave it all at the 2015/2016 season where he emerged as a premier league winner. Alongside Ryhed Mayrez and Jemie Vardy, he was nominated for the PFA player of the year which gave him the world recognition tag for being the game-changer who made hundreds of ball recoveries more than every premier defenders and even midfielders. Kante made 175 tackles (31 more than any other player) and 157 interceptions (15 more than any other player).

Kante attracted the attention of one of the best English football club in London, Chelsea. They signed him for a reported fee of £32 million which thrilled Chelsea fans for they already knew his potential. After clinching a 5-year contract with Chelsea, he professed his bliss saying:

“I am so happy to have signed for one of the biggest clubs in Europe. It’s a dream come true for me.”

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This even developed trust amongst fans via his qualities. Arsenal was once a leading interest for Kante but couldn’t hold on with their choice when Chelsea board directors splashed enough money on Kante. However, this was for Leicester City, not for Kante who demanded a normal salary. He was issued the number 7 number which was left vacant since Remirez departed. He made his debut  On 15 August 2016 against Westham in a game that comfortably ended in a 2-1 victory. He further had his debut goal against Chelsea biggest rival, Manchester United, in a 4-0 home win. This earned him extreme love from the fans. He was trusted.

His crucial goal came against Manchester United again in the FA Cup quarter Final where his shot ran past De Gea in a brutal display. His award-winning era busted and he was named as the world’s sixth-best footballer of 2016 by L’Équipe. He was further named in the PFA Team of the Year for the second consecutive season. He was also later named the PFA Players’ Player of the Year, the FWA Footballer of the Year, and the Premier League Player of the Season. Kante further clinched the premier league back to back from a different club breaking Eric Cantona’s record in 1993.

His present glory

With his crucial awards, even after he set his hand on the world cup. Kante never allowed them to ruin his dormancy. He gave it all at the FA Cup final against Manchester United where he emerged as the man of the match and won the trophy. He further won the Europa League in a 4-1 win against Arsenal who he trashed with his performance. He then finally clinched the Champions League title, winning the man of the match against Manchester City. He has been nominated for Ballon d’Or as Chelsea fans hope for a potential win.

Kante’s story should inspire you. Never give up on your dreams. One day, you shall emerge at the top.