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“The pain in her voice is heartbreaking”- Reactions after Comedienne Princess curses Yomi Fabiyi, Mama Rainbow, and others [Video]

Princess, a comedienne, and actress, is presently making headlines for her newest conduct.

The actress used her Instagram love session to curse individuals who supported Baba Ijesha throughout the court case.

Yomi Fabiyi, Mama Rainbow, and others defended Baba Ijesha and chastised Princess for taking the actor to court.

Baba Ijesha was sentenced to 5 years in jail after the court found him guilty of various offenses.

Princess had earlier rushed to Instagram to share a video of herself celebrating the good news.

It came as a surprise when, late Thursday night, she took to Instagram Live to trash her coworkers.

Her outburst elicited conflicting reactions, with some sympathizing with her and others chastising her for cursing her coworkers.

taricoco: Let her express and feel whatever the heck she wants…

You don’t tell someone how to react while they’re in agony. God must determine whether or not to answer her prayers/curses.

superwoman9ja: This is profound. But I understand her anguish.

shinnexphotography: God has won your war for you; all of this curse is unnecessary; everything is well with you, aunty.

crystalakor: Her voice breaks my heart with its pain.

dearlife_: Omo!! This curse is excessively Abeg. She’s in a lot of pain, and the whole situation is pretty distressing, and now that she’s gotten the justice she deserves, she should just let it be for the love of God. Abeg.

realmercypearl: It is extremely upsetting for a child to be abused, and it is even more upsetting to see people supporting the accused.