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“Terms and conditions are abundant”- Fans React as Tems Officially Flaunts Big Backside With Full Chest in New Video

Tems, a prominent Nigerian musician, has once again created a stir on social media with her curvy form.

The ‘Crazy Things’ coroner posted a video to her Instagram account of herself wearing a form-hugging garment and posing for the camera.

Given her reputation as a conservative celebrity, many people might have expected the clip to end there.

The video also featured popular rapper Eve’s song, Who’s That Girl? playing in the background.

“She has joined wicked geng,” Ghabelle says.

*Mr mighty102021: “Finally, we’re going to relax because we don’t see the turn around.”

“Nothing spectacular,” says Godson alez.

“First time I’ll see her turn around,” says Iam horpeyhemi.

“Terms and conditions are plenty,” says Wrldprincecharming.

Tdsglamhairsalon: “Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen this…

and she doesn’t flaunt herself as some people might.”


“Her moral compass is perfect,” says L.tobiloba. Her upbringing is obviously based on severe “Tems and conditions.” “I see the similarities to the emoji as well.”