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Shatta Wale – Unicorn
Shatta Wale – Unicorn

Phenomenon with expertise in dancehall and reggae, Shatta Wale made a comeback with a brand-new song titled “Unicorn.”

Shatta Wale has aggressively and energetically entered the public eye this year, setting a steady pace for his most recent pair of streaming platform appearances.

Shatta makes his second appearance this year with the new single “Unicorn,” in which he displays his talent and skill.

Additionally, this appears to be a premonition of his upcoming album, which the singer and record producer teased and awaited last year.

Finally, Shatta Wale deserves all the credit for this outstanding track’s creation.

Quotable Lyrics;

They never know about unicorns
Unicorn, dem say dem want
The soul dey want but the body is weak
Them wanna change but nobody de speak
Say I got money like a thief
The say I finish but I keep up in the heat
I change the plan, I make them wonder who be this

I make dem laugh like Kevin Hart
I show dem love I dey talk the fact

Peer pressure make them get lost
I’m on fire, make nobody near this guy
I dey tell you, you for fear this guy

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