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Rema – Rave & Roses (Ultra) EP
Rema – Rave & Roses (Ultra) EP

Nigeria’s music industry is lucky that Rema, a multi-talented artist who has been making waves with his distinctive sound, has emerged. The young performer, who is now signed to a Mavin Records contract, just dropped his most recent single, “Dunno Me.”

Rema’s remarkable vocal range and ability to blend many musical genres have made him a force to be dealt with in the world of music. His brilliance and inventiveness are evident in his latest album, “Dunno Me.”

Nigerian music has taken off because to Afrobeats diva Rema’s captivating tune. The teenage singer has had a great start to the year with the debut of a pair of chart topping songs, and fans are eager for more.

Furthermore, this incredible song.

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