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Chief Michael Udegbi – Akwa Onye Ogwu
Chief Michael Udegbi – Akwa Onye Ogwu

famous blind musician Chief Michael Udegbi recently released a song titled “Akwa Onye Ogwu.”

The song honors the well-known and respected local physician Akwa Okuku Tiwara Aki na Oba.

The song is amazing and has a lovely tune; it should be on your label’s list of top songs. If you appreciate music, you should get Akwa Onye Ogwu and listen to it to get a feel for the song.

By combining the highlife’s dynamic tempo and intensity with dance music’s rhythmic and electronic undertones, the artist creates a soundscape that has been compared to a pleasant shift.

It’s a fantastic blockbuster, so you wouldn’t want to ignore it at all.

Listen and share your thought below: