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Some people are not happy that you won the car — Adekunle says to Chizzy, Netizens react (Video)

Adekunle makes a suggestion that not all of the other housemates are actually delighted with Chizzy’s victory following the assignment on Thursday night where Chizzy won a car.

You might remember that Chizzy won the day’s task and was given the keys to a brand-new IVM automobile.

Adekunle poked Chizzy during a conversation because he thought some of the housemates would be feeling envious of him for winning the car.

Biggie’s rider responded by saying emphatically that he doesn’t care what anyone feels or thinks.

A social media user responded, writing, “Adekunle is the number one person that is not happy for Chizzy, adekunle pretending is tiresome.”

Another user added, “You yourself are happy ??? this guy wan dey make me regret voting him?.”

Watch the video below …