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A famous social media commenter and writer, Solomon Buchi is betrothed and planning to marry the love of his life, Arike.

Buchi announced their engagement on his Instagram page in the early hours of Thursday, June 6.

Solomon Buchi engaged

The smitten writer also wrote a lengthy essay to demonstrate his love and commitment to his future spouse.

He wrote while sharing images from the surprise proposal,

“rké said YES. We’re engaged and planning to marry!

After a year of dating — one that included some reconstruction, intentionality, and obedience to God — I asked the most amazing woman @arikeadeola.o to marry me on June 20, 2022 (our one-year dating anniversary).

@arikeadeola.o — Adeola rké Mi, I knew you were my wife the first week we spoke on that video conversation. We’ve matured over the last year or so by putting in hard work, having uncomfortable talks, struggling, unlearning, and relearning, and we’re continuing to evolve into graceful imperfection. Healthy relationships/marriages aren’t a walk in the park, but it is easier with you because you put in the effort.


Solomon Buchi engaged

In my 26 years of existence, I’ve been plagued by many pains and fears, yet with you, my problems vanish. Literally. I was around you for the longest time without having a panic attack. Your love is curative. You are my favorite, and you will be with me forever.

I am honored to be your future husband. I’m completely smitten with you in my life. I’ve decided on you, rké. You are one among many others. You’re my blessing, and I had no idea how much I needed the beauty you offered until God sent you to me.

Solomon Buchi engaged

Life is full of unknowns, but I promise to love you every day, even when it’s difficult and unpleasant. I promise to prioritize you and to model Godly leadership. You’ll be the finest version of yourself with me since I’m obedient to God and will never lead you wrong. I’ve been a proponent of wise marriage principles, and by God’s grace, I can’t wait to live the reality with you.

Finally, I can show you to the rest of the world. At long last. I was looking forward to this moment. I’ve been your fiancé for 16 days and I can’t wait to start a godly marriage with you.

Ife mi. Mi ayanfe. Iwo o shey litemi, moshe Ileri ko e fi ife mi a to e, mi ni yin e nu naye naye.

You’ve forced an Igbo man to learn Yoruba. Not only Yoruba but also Ondo. Ondo, my princess! My London child.

We need to organize a wedding.”