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Skhandaworld – Killa Combo ft. K.O, Tellaman, Zingah, Mariechan, Loki

Killa Combo by Skhandaworld & K.O, Tellaman, Zingah, Mariechan, Loki

Skhandaworld’s new single “Killa Combo” features K.O, Tellaman, Zingah, Mariechan, and Loki.

Skhanda World, K.O’s imprint, releases “Killa Combo,” a gigantic collaboration comprising five engaging vocals. The laid-back production is the embodiment of simple sophistication, with a lively piano providing the song’s lighthearted, yet sweet, mood.

The song is undeniably a masterwork; it is the epitome of what good music should sound like.

We strongly advise you to add this fantastic song to your repertoire since you will undoubtedly like listening to it.

Grab the music below, and don’t forget to tell your friends about it.

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