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Side chicks won’t be there for you at 75 and 80, says Soso Soberekon, praising Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs’ marriage

Soso Soberekon, a renowned Business Director, has resorted to social media to provide some words of wisdom to his fellow guys.

According to the music boss, men should prioritize taking good care of their wives because the side-chics will not be there when they get older.

He conveyed his message by highlighting recent social media appearances by Olu Jacobs and his wife, Joke Silva, which show the wife caring for her husband in his old age.

His post says:

Whatever you do, men, cherish and care for your women…

Sidechics will not be present at 75 and 80…

A good wife is a blessing, even at inconvenient times.

Joke Silva came out about how they met on a production set and the journey to their love affair in a documentary on her husband’s life and career made by Femi Odugbemi.

“It was right before Nigeria’s 21st anniversary,” she explained. The National Theatre’s artistic director at the time, Ms. Edith Enem, intended to mount a production of ‘Jero’s Metamorphosis.

We were practicing at the main bowl one day… and I was advised to go call Ms. Enem and have her come over to see what we had practiced. And when I pulled back the curtain, I heard this wonderful voice say, ‘Wow! This is the quality I expect from the woman I intend to marry.’ And I was thinking, what sort of usual line is that? I looked him up and down and thought, what nonsense.

“However, he came to rehearsals and was just such a nice person to work with.” He realized he had made a mistake and attempted to regain my favor after that. And we became great buddies.”

That was the start of what has led to 37 years of blissful marriage.