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Shayo Davids – Awon Temi ft. Barry Jhay
Shayo Davids – Awon Temi ft. Barry Jhay

A rising Nigerian Afro-fusion musician, Shayo Davids makes his professional breakthrough with the stunning smash single “Awon Temi.”

Barry Jhay began his musical career at a young age, discovering his passion for singing at an early age, which he owes to his family’s musical interests. This was made simple because his father is a well-known Fuji artist.

Barry Jhay poured his heart and everything into his work, culminating in the release of the ostensibly everlasting song “Aiye,” which catapulted him to fame.


Barry Jhay, a talented Nigerian hip-hop performer, was also enlisted for assistance.




The current single is puzzling dance music.




As a result, if you’re listening to music, you’re almost certainly listening to the most current release.

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