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Adesokan Adedji Emmanuel, best known as Shank Comics, a famous Instagram skit maker and content producer, has spent millions of naira on a brand new Lexus SUV for himself.

The 25-year-old, who announced his recent purchase on Twitter, disclosed that it is his first car.

Shanks tweeted photographs of the new whip with the caption, “Got my first ride today.” Thank you very much, Jesus.”

See photos below:

In other developments, famed Nigerian musician Shasha Damilola Alesh, often known as Dice Ailes, has purchased a home for his mother in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

When he brought his mother on a tour of the new house, he left her speechless.

On Wednesday afternoon, July 6, he posted a touching video of himself showing his mother around the property he had recently acquired and fully equipped for her on his Instagram page.

Sharing the video, the “Money Dance” singer expressed his love for his mother and said he would do anything for her pleasure.

He captioned the video, “I got her a house… “Anything for you mum.”

The ecstatic mother in the video, who was taken aback by the gorgeous edifice her son had built for her, hugged him tightly and hoped that God would continue to bless him.