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Sammie exposes Tega Dominic and reveals a bombshell on what she did to him and Angel during the #BBNaija reunion

The Shine Your Eyes housemates have been shading and dragging themselves while waiting for the Big Brother Naija Season 6 2021 reunion to air.

Sammie has revealed something shocking about Tega’s treatment of him and his then-girlfriend, Angel JB Smith.

Sammie revealed during an Instagram live session with Emmanuel Umoh that Tega was the one who stole his and Angel’s chicken.

It was previously reported that housemates Sammie and Angel were enraged and surprised when one of their chickens was stolen. Cross, who was the head of the house at the time, had poured curses on the thief.

Regrettably, the perpetrator was never identified, and the case was dropped.

Sammie revealed that Tega was the one who stole the chicken as the housemates prepare for the reunion.

“That chicken wey loss for that house, that chicken, that my chicken wey my friend and I be got, na Tega carry am,na Tega,” he remarked.

Emmanuel attempted to defend Tega, but Sammie was not amused, claiming that the mother of one had stolen his chicken.

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