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Hassan Shehata, a former Egypt coach, has criticized captain Mohamed Salah, claiming that the Liverpool attacker has made no contribution to the Pharaohs.

Salah is Egypt’s most famous footballer, having won every possible title with Liverpool over the last five years.

Salah’s goal-scoring prowess places him among the world’s top players, but the 30-year-record old’s with Egypt hasn’t convinced Shehata.

Shehata, who led Egypt to three consecutive AFCON titles before stepping out months before Salah’s debut, believes the attacker should have done more.

“Technically, and I’m sorry to say this, but Mohamed Salah [has] done nothing with the national team,” Shehata told Egypt Independent (via Goal). He should have performed much better. When he plays for his country, he must provide more.”

“He should have told the officials here,” he added. Although he does not select the players, he should have stated that the players here are not the same as the players in England. As a result, the coaches must devise a strategy to create space for Salah. We need to identify guys who can assist him look good on the field.”

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