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Sabinus gives fans sneak peek from birthday vacation, shares reaction after being asked to carry snake -VIDEO

Comedy performer Chukwuemeka Due to his upcoming 28th birthday on January 30, 2023, Emmanuel Ejekwu, aka Sabinus, is in a festive mood.

A video detailing the skit creator’s birthday celebration outside of Nigeria in an unnamed African nation was recently posted on his Facebook page.

Having been given a unique boat cruise, Mr. Funny also enjoyed himself on the water. After receiving his favorite fruits, which he ate while the boat was sailing, an ecstatic Sabinus was unquestionably in a happy mood.

The creator of the clip then went to what seemed to be a zoo and encountered a young boy carrying a snake. Sabinus noted that when the boy asked him to carry the snake around his neck, he immediately ran away in terror.

Captioning the clip, he wrote: “Happy birthday Sabinus”

View the video here: