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Ruth Eze was caught with renowned native doctor, Akwa Okuku, just days after she purchased a house and a car [video]

Ruth Eze, a Nollywood actress, was caught flirting with one of the most famous native doctors in Nigeria’s eastern region, Akwa Okuku, just days after spending millions on a new automobile as a birthday gift and getting a well-furnished house.

Chukwudozie Nwangwu, commonly known as Akwa okuko tiwara, is a Nigerian musician. Aki is a well-known ‘Juju’ man in the Igbo nation who boasts about lavishly bestowing people, power, and fortune.

Ms. Eze shared a video of herself having a good time with the native doctor, who evidently remembered her birthday.

Ruth Eze describes Akwa Okuku as a close friend, brother, and father.

Several comments from admirers followed her post, with some wondering what brought the two of them together.

Remember that the actress spent millions of dollars on a mansion as a birthday present for herself.

Chanting in her blessings, she told how her enemies’ nefarious plots and plans nearly destroyed her, but God granted her victory.

“This is my second birthday present to myselfeeeee Who is the man who claims there is no God? Let him come. Let me tell him my story…he’ll believe it. Despite my enemies’ nefarious plots and plans, God always gives me success. I thank you very much, Lord. Please assist me in thanking this wonderful God. “Family, please begin sending my birthday gift oooo.”