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Rudeboy – Rudykillus (Album)
Rudeboy – Rudykillus (Album)

Great Nigerian singer and songwriter, Rudeboy has released his new album “Rudykillus.”

The 12-track project that has kept listeners waiting patiently for so long is now here and it more than lives up to expectations.

The album is his first studio project since the breakup of Psquare, and it was also released under his new management, Fire Department Inc.


  1. Nowhere To Go
  2. Ayoyo
  3. Focus 
  4. Ego Nekwu 
  5. Fall In Love 
  6. Brokeland 
  7. Something Must Kill A Man 
  8. Ihe Neme
  9. Catch Your Fever
  10. 4days 
  11. Hey Mama 
  12. No Gimme Space