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Ria Sean

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Ria Sean is here to reinvent what it means to push limits as a female artist in the modern period. Ria Sean is one of a new breed of female musicians who are creating music to satisfy all of our endless whims.

Nigerian-born and -bred Ria Sean is carving out a unique career for herself because of her unusual style, which combines elements of Afropop, R&B, and Lo-Fi.

She creates inspiring music that uplifts and energizes, music that speaks to your soul and compels you to keep listening.

Ria Sean would take issues into her own hands and construct a route out of difficulty, using her experiences as an anchor to propel her to greatness. Ria Sean was motivated by a passionate mother who believed in her objectives.

Ria occupies a special position in the music industry nowadays. She is one of the top female singers who is decrying the times when only one female singer could occupy the top spot at once and standing out and defying the status quo.

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