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Regina Daniels, a renowned Nollywood actress, has replied after her brother, Sammy, claimed that she had surgery to enhance her physical attributes.

The millionaire wife recently welcomed her second kid with her husband, Ned Nwoko, and she looked lovely in a pink two-piece.

She captioned the photographs she shared with her over 12 million Instagram followers, “I have seen beauty before, but this is a revelation.”

In response to the images, Regina’s brother, Sammy, proposed that she undergo plastic surgery to enhance her physical attributes.

“So you finished your body.” He penned a letter.

Regina responded to Sammy’s comment by refuting his assertion that she underwent surgery and claiming that her curves are natural.

“You don’t want to accept it because you’re jealous.” She penned a letter.

See their conversation below.

However, Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing has spoken out on why women have cosmetic surgery to better their physical appearance.

While it’s a prevalent assumption that women seek cosmetic surgery to improve their feminine appearance in order to attract men, the voluptuous thespian claims that this is not the case.

Nkechi Blessing remarked in an Instagram post that most women get plastic surgery to feel better about themselves, not to please or attract men.