Funke Akindele, a popular Nigerian actress, seems unconcerned by the allegations made against her by her stepson Benito.


The young man emphasized in a recent video that the actress is not who she claims to be, as she mistreats her employees and cheats on her spouse, JJC Skillz.

The actress was seen with some of her staff members in a video posted to her Instagram page, and they took turns flashing off her multiple trophies to the camera.

“Squad of life!! “, says folagade banks. Watch as AMVCA floods the streets!!! Number one in Nollywood! Nollywood’s Beyoncé… e choke”

“Happy folks…,” mamie yna 001 says.

“I’m digging the vibes.”

“You’re too much,❤❤” tobbiakins says. There are too many gifts.”

“I JUST LOVE THIS WOMAN,” bukunmioluwasina says.

“Many more to come, sis…” says the dorleepee.

“Make dem shaa No shatter all our hard earned awards,” iamyhuzzi says.

“Pepper them gang!!” says hollarmies beautyfashion world. if it’s simple, run am”

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