Last night, the BBNaija couple had their first squabble over Phyna’s drinking habit.


Groovy and Phyna, Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ participants, are having a terrible time. The housemates’ ship appeared to be on the verge of being destroyed.

Daniella, a housemate, had divulged to Phyna her private discussions with Groovy.

Groovy had confessed in Daniella, his best friend, about his feelings for Phyna.

Groovy was still negotiating his feelings for Phyna at the time, telling Daniella that he didn’t like her and that she (Phyna) was putting pressure on the relationship.

Groovy appears to be in love with Phyna; unfortunately, Daniella spilt the beans to Phyna, who felt Groovy was playing her.

Groovy was upset because Phyna drank herself into a stupor before their Guinness game.

Groovy warned her and begged her to limit her drinking.

“There is no point in us maintaining this relationship if you want to drink as you like them,” he remarked.

Because Phyna was insistent about drinking, Groovy had no choice except to stop their relationship.

“You’re breaking up with me,” Phyna stated.

Groovy responded, “I’m not breaking up with you; I’m just saying we need some distance.”

Phyna pointed out that the words are interchangeable.

“Which is the same as breaking up.”

Netizens have voiced mixed emotions about it. Why did some people sympathise with the couple while others mocked them? (particularly Phyna).