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Portable – Azaman


Azaman by Portable

Portable – Azaman Portable – Azaman

The serial killer of Zeh Nation, Portable has produced a new song titled ‘Azaman.’

Portable has assured that there are no dull times in his career, as well as for his followers, by regularly feeding them with hits this year.

He may have another upcoming project work to disclose sooner or later after his successive releases.

Ultimately, the soundtrack was composed by 2TUPOnDeeBeat.

Grab the music below, and don’t forget to tell your friends about it.

Quotable Lyrics;

Aza man!!
Every other day is Aza man!!
Omo olami agerin o
Them call me Portablebaeby o
Aza man!!
Every other day is Aza man!!

Aza man!!
Who go help you nogo stress you
Them go call you join body
Them go give you 5% you go wise
Aza man!!
Every other day is Aza man!!

Aza man!!
No trust person o
Na them go rip you
Them go call police o
Make dem arrest you o
You go wise

Listen and share your thought below:



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