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Following a report about a Ghanaian youngster, Suleyman Morro, who received an all-around A1 in his West African Examinations Council (WAEC), Nigerian philanthropist and singer Davido has launched a social media campaign dubbed “Operation Morro Search.”
Several media outlets previously stated that Morro’s WAEC result was leaked online by a concerned citizen who believed the youngster was too bright to be sitting at home.

Morro had remained at home due to a lack of cash to continue his education at the tertiary institution, according to the ‘kind Samaritan.’

The post, which sparked internet reactions and arguments, piqued the ‘Stand Strong’ singer’s interest. He then stated that the young youngster was wanted for good. “Can someone please find this boy for me?” Davido inquired on Twitter.

Aside from being a well-known singer on the African continent, Davido is also known for his charitable contributions to society.

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