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The current BBnaija couple appears to be in difficulty. Housemates Phyna and Groovy appear to be in a fight right now, and Daniella appears to be caught up in it.

Groovy tried to make amends with his bestie Daniella, telling her everything Phyna had told him and leaving him wondering if Daniella could be trusted.

Groovy to Daniella: Am I interfering with Phyna’s game?
She told me you told her I stated I was going to fvck up.

I’m finding a lot of similarities between Beauty and Guinness today.

Daniella later spoke with her old roommate, Allyson, about the situation.

Daniella to Allysyn:

Phyna spoke negatively about Groovy to Beauty, and when Beauty left, her friend Amaka told her to help her get Groovy, so she went there and asked Groovy out.

Allysyn — But what exactly does Phyna owe Amaka?

Daniella — I don’t care.. she is so insecure… Look at how she and Groovy got together; if Beauty was here, would she Phyna be an option?

She went and told Groovy that I indicated he might fvvck up in the relationship, but I know deep down that I never said anything like that.