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Pere Egbi Voices Out Remark: Biggie Brought His Relative Into The House But Got Exposed [Video]

Big Brother, aka Biggie, brought his son into the “Level Up” home, according to BB Naija Pere Egbi, the star of Shine ya Eye.

The actor made this charge using his Twitter account.

He alleges that Biggie brought his child into the residence while mistakenly thinking no one would notice.

Biggie’s diary session, in Pere’s opinion, exposed him, and as a result, everyone now knows that Adekunle is his son.

The vocal resemblances between Adekunle and Biggie, according to Pere Egbi, serve as proof of his contention.

He was calm;

We know, we go know, Biggie adds as he and his son enter the home. Biggie, diary entry don expose you. I bow to you, Adekunle. His voice tells us what he is.