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“Papa Imade, na you” – Davido’s followers catch him doing the inconceivable in Amsterdam [Video]

David Adeleke, commonly known as Davido, a Nobel prize rock star, has left his fans ecstatic as he pulls up a stint.

Two Nigerian ladies working at a fast-food restaurant were overjoyed when they saw celebrity musician Davido in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

He had disguised himself to go shopping because he didn’t want anyone to recognize him, but the mask didn’t keep the ladies from recognizing his face.

One questioned whether it was really Davido, while the other was certain it was.

She ordered Davido to take off his sweatshirt and face cap, and as soon as they realized it was him, they both were overwhelmed and gasped for air.

The two women instantly started looking for a phone to record a video and take selfies with OBO.