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Ohanaeze apologizes to Gov. Umahi, Igbos, and believes there is still hope in the APC presidential primary

The Southeast’s loss of presidential tickets to the All Progressives Congress, APC, and Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has been acknowledged by Ohanaeze Ndigbo internationally.

Ohanaeze acknowledged that the losses were caused by a lack of a rallying point, but stressed that all hope was not lost.

“We are calling for a cease-fire and calm, and the blame games should stop because we are going back to the drawing board in partnership with all critical stakeholders in the southeast because it’s not over until it’s over,” the organization’s Secretary-General, Okechukwu Isiguzoro, said in a statement.

“We share Ndigbo’s traumas and pains, notably the lamentations of the Southeast Governors’ Chairman and the Governor of Ebonyi.”

“When the head is rotten, it affects every part of the body; we express our sincere apologies to Ndigbo and the southeast Governors, led by Governor Dave Umahi; what is expected of everyone is the aggressive mobilization of all Igbo eligible voters in 774 Lgas to register and obtain PVCs; there is a sizable population of Igbos outside, and it’s not over yet for Ndigbo.”

“Regardless of how long we have been on the wrong track, Ndigbo should remember that while the Messiah may not be in one of the major political parties, the southeast is still in the running for 2023.”

“In the absence of the rotten head, selected special IMEOBI and ELDERS COUNCIL members are now saddled with the responsibility of navigating NdIgbo through the political stormy weather, the sun will always rise from the East, it’s not finished,” the statement read.

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