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“No atom of sense” – Reality TV star Tacha criticizes wealthy Nigerians who live in Lekki and have failed to use their wealth to address the area’s ongoing flooding problems (Video)

Tacha, a reality TV star, and socialite has chastised wealthy Nigerians who live in the Lekki district of Lagos state for failing to use their connections and access to those in charge to address the recurring issue of flooding in the environment.

On Saturday, July 9, Lagos state saw heavy rain and flooding in most sections of the state.

Tacha revealed in a video that she has lived in Lekki for three years and has witnessed flooding every year. She questioned why those who reside in the neighborhood and have access to the government are unable to use it to bring about a long-term solution to the situation.

Take a look at the video she posted.


Famous actor Alex Ekubo recently praised reality TV personality Tacha for her outstanding performance in her maiden Nollywood film.

The Big Brother Naija and entrepreneur is scheduled to make her acting debut in the yet-to-be-released film “Tiger’s Tail,” in which she will appear with A-list Nollywood actors Alex Ekubo, Anita Joseph, Zubby Michael, and others.

Alex congratulated Tacha for her great performance in the film, despite it being her first time appearing in a film, on his Instagram page.

He also warned Nigerians to expect to see the Port Harcourt-born actress in a new light.