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“You go d!e if you hide?” , Are you looking for more clients?” — Fans respond to Ashmusy’s cleavage-baring Instagram photo

Backlash and conflicting emotions have accompanied Amarachi Amusi, commonly known as Ashmusyrecent ,’s post.

Ashmusy, a social media influencer, shared a video of herself wearing a cleavage-baring outfit and dancing to a song.

She went on to say in the caption that she plans to dance in her husband’s house one day.

Her choice of dress, however, irritated some of her followers, who turned to the comments area to criticize her.

@Legitjydegram stated that he is looking for more clientele. Ashmusy. We, the men’s association, don’t see you all. You must display your bottom, shake am, or do something to act like Turkey for show glass in all of your films. Patapata, next time nude.”

@OkoyeCordelia asked if we’d perish if we covered our bodies. I’m looking for a friend.

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